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We are the pioneer medical imaging software company and leader in the field, with complete in-house expertise in DICOM, HL7, FHIR and PACS all the way from design and development to production and support. We have the experience and expertise to meet all your needs in this area. Taken together, like life, we are more than a sum of the parts. Our dependability due to tight production control and integrity, have given us a dynamic presence in the global medical imaging community. Our custom solutions are reliable, economical, effective, secure, containerized and user-friendly.

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From image acquisition in different modalities using varied technologies and sources , to reliable patient referencing using RIS , CIS etc., to archiving and retrieval of pertinent information through HL7, FHIR and other standards, RAVSoft is your trusted partner to help pull everything together. We ensure all technologies, standards and service classes harmoniously and meaningfully come together so the user can confidently access layers in the most efficient manner using shortest possible algorithms without compromising security. We make sure that DICOM claims are compatible between technologies and standards thus ensuring conformance and reliability right from master login. Essentially RAVSoft can containerize, validate and economize all steps involved between imaging and processing at the end user’s level, thereby increasing your operative performance and minimizing risks. Our strong industry experience in solving various workflow issues has helped our clients to easily translate the clinical findings from their artificial intelligence algorithms to be integrated at the right phase in the radiology workflow. This has helped customers to appreciate the difference the AI systems brings into the healthcare workflow and embrace the happy change.

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