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Our History

RAVSoft founded in 1998, has quickly developed into a DICOM and allied technologies powerhouse with a satisfied healthcare clientele all across the United States. Our high performance Indian development team with infrastructure at Chennai offers complete scalability to handle projects of any size in the shortest possible time. We have many successful projects under our belt and continue to define the field.

Discover RAVSoft

RAVSoft has come a long way from its start-up. Since 1998, our company has grown exponentially to two hundred plus employees in our team today.

Our core values, dedication and grit have allowed us to stay strong, grow, adapt and thrive in the ever-changing healthcare landscape. We hustled to get things done and made sure we rose above our challenges and delivered -always. Our clients have given us a resounding endorsement as seen by our phenomenal growth and an established, reliable presence in this field.

Our strategy was simple; be innovative, work hard and never quit. From leadership to every employee, we fight hard, play fair and win. Each of our core values, add up to being the whole we are today. While our traditions have given us deep roots, values and staying power, our ability to stay current and outperform consistently have given us our dominance in this field; we have not only kept pace, but have helped define the healthcare industry.

Wherever you are starting from, we envision what you can be!

Our Offerings

RAVSoft offers the following software development services.

Design, Prototyping and Feasibility Studies


Maintenance and Production Support

Healthcare Standards Compliance Study and Development

Healthcare Standards Compliance Testing and Verification Services

Who can work with us?

Our clientele come from the following areas,

DICOM, HL7, FHIR, HIPAA, CCOW and other Healthcare Standards

Hospitals and Clinics

Healthcare Providers and Artificial Intelligence Vendors

Other software companies dealing with Healthcare products and solutions

Medical Insurance

Modality Manufacturers

Modality Vendors and Retailers

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